Step 1 of 9 - Specify the filename and location of the install package

Once your project is created, you must compile your screensaver in order to be installed on the end-user computer. The file that will be created is compatible with Windows screen savers. But this file is not easy to install on a computer for a beginner. That's why we strongly recommend you to create an installation package. Furthermore, a few additional options are available when you compile an installation package.

During this process, the project will be compiled as a temporary SCR file and it will be compressed and included in an easy-to-use installation package (EXE file).

1. Choose Project/Compile an Installable Screen Saver File (Shift+F4) or click on the Compile Installable Screen Saver button in the toolbar. A dialog box opens (see below). Keep in mind that you can click on the context help button () if you need get more information on a specific element of a dialog box..

Specify the Filename and Location of the Install file to create

2. In the Screensaver field (), specify the name of the SCR file to create (do not specify the SCR extension). You can keep the proposed name. This is the filename that will be installed on the end-user computer. This file will not be created on your computer during this compilation. It will be embedded in the install package.

3. In the Filename field (), specify the name of the Install file to create (usually Install.exe). Do not specify the EXE extension.  

4. In the Location field (), specify the folder where you want to create the install file on your computer. You can use the button [...] to browse your folders.

5. When done, click Next.


Step 2 - Specify the installation properties