Lesson 3.3 - Specifying the Flash® file

In this lesson, we'll add the Flash® file in the screensaver.  

Specify the Flash® file from the Librarian window

1. In the Librarian window (see below), select the "Media Files\Images\Flash" folder (). The files contained in this folder are displayed in the list below.

2. Select the file "Tutorial-Pssp-Black.swf" in the list () and use a mouse drag & drop to place it in the document window ().

3. A dialog box opens (see below).  

4. In Flash Movie field () you see the full pathname to the file you're about to add. Check that this is the correct file.

5. In the Size group, select the Full Screen (maximized) option (). Also, be sure the option Show Mouse Pointer () is NOT checked. This is used to create interactive screensavers (not for this tutorial). When done, Click OK.

6. The file is included in the project (you see the filename in the Flash Movie field) and you see the movie in the Preview window (on right side).

Changing the Flash® file (another method to specify the file)

7. Once the file has been specified (even if no file has been added yet), you can browse your disks using a Windows standard dialog box and specify any SWF file. In the Flash Movie dialog box (click the tab if necessary), click on the [...] button (). A standard Windows dialog box opens to let you choose the file you want to add. Browse your disks, select a file and click Open.

8. The full pathname is added in the Flash Movie field () and you see the movie in the Preview window ().



Lesson 4 - Specifying display settings