What's New in Version 3.61?

Screensaver Illustration and Icon Customization [3.61]

Now you can customize the icon of the SCR file with your own image. You can easily create your own icon with Axialis IconWorkshop. Also, this new version permits you to change the image included in the screensaver Properties dialog box.

New Customizable Screensaver Installation Procedure [3.61]

In version 3.61, the installation procedure of the screensavers (compiled if you ask for an install package) has been fully rewritten. Now you can customize many parameters: Install package icon, wizard built-in illustration (top image), various options, install design style, uninstall procedure and more...

Embedded RSS Feed Reader [3.61]

RSS is a convenient way to publish news on Internet (read more). More and more webmasters are using this XML based system to promote their site and business. In version 3.61, a RSS reader (with popup window display) has been included in the screensaver engines. You just have to add your RSS feed URLs while compiling and the screensaver will read your news online and display them on the end-user screen. The user can even add his own feeds (if you permit it).

New User Interface [3.6]

Axialis Professional Screen Saver Producer 3.6 has a brand new Interface (Axialis IconWorkshop like!). It has a new window design, new icons and an enhanced built-in explorer. Also, you can choose the type of Interface you want to use: Axialis or Classical Windows interface. Very simple! Just open the "Preferences" dialog box (F2), choose "User Interface" and change the type.

Create demo/limited screen savers, and sell them! [3.6]

This feature has been widely requested. Here it is! Now you can create limited versions of your screensavers in order to sell them like shareware programs. This new feature is very simple to use. You just create the full version of your screensaver (like you did before) and specify the limitations during the compilation process.

Two kinds of limitations: You can either choose to create a time limited screensaver. In this case, the user has (for example) 30 days to test if fully. When the trial period is over, it stops working and display a registration message. You can also create a sprite limited screensaver. There is no time limit here, the user can test it freely but the number of displayed sprites or slides is limited.

An unlock code: When the end-user purchases the screensaver, you send him a personal activation code. Once he enters the code, the screensaver is unlocked and fully usable. A built-in feature permits you to generate codes. Two kind of codes can be generated: serial or based on name. For more information on this new feature, see Generate Activation Codes topic.

Support for Images with Alpha channel [3.6]

Now Axialis Professional Screen Saver Producer supports images with Alpha Channel. This feature permits you to create slick screensavers with beautiful sprites. The alpha channel (a.k.a. smooth transparency) permits to create images with smooth borders, halo effects, shadows and partial transparency. See below a comparison between a sprite made with an alpha channel image and with a standard image:

Image formats which support alpha channel are: BMP, PNG, TGA, PSD and ICO. The application supports also the new Windows XP icons. You can find beautiful XP icons (at sizes up to 128x128) on many icon sites: Iconica | Foood.net | Everaldo.com | Wbc icons | Xicons.com and more. Please see terms of use on each site.

Compatible with Adobe® Photoshop® [3.6]

If you use Adobe® Photoshop® to create your graphics, now you can easily port your work to Professional Screen Saver Producer. This new version supports Photoshop® images (PSD) with layers and alpha channel. Additionally, a plug-in permits you to transfer images with transparency directly from Photoshop® to Professional Screen Saver Producer without creating a temporary file.

Sound Loop Support [3.6]

This new version support sound loops. This is a short music file (a few seconds only) that can be played in loop to produce an endless musical ambiance. This is great to add background music to your screensavers. You can find loop sounds on various websites: Loopkit | Flash kit and more. Please see terms of use on each site.

Many other features and enhancements [3.6]

But that's not all! Many other features have been added to this new versions: