Activating the RSS News Reader

With RSS you receive continuously updated headlines from Axialis Software and stay on top of the news about new products, updates, tutorials, special offers and more. A built-in feature permits to receive the news directly in the application by downloading them from Axialis website. This non-intrusive feature has been designed to keep your user experience unchanged and can be disabled at any time.

Activating the RSS news reader

Before you use the RSS reader for the first time, you must activate it. This is part of the Axialis privacy policy. We never connect silently to the Internet without prior information to the user. The RSS reader is located by default in the upper-right corner of the application window.

The command is composed of a button () and a drop-down arrow () that opens a menu. It is part of the main toolbar, located in a separate group that can be moved just like the other bars using the grip ().

During the first uses of Axialis IconWorkshop, you'll be notified by an information bubble that a RSS reader is available in the product:

If you click in this bubble or the first time you click on the RSS button, a dialog box opens (see below). It contains various information about the way the RSS news reader is implemented and ask you to enable the the RSS News Automatic Updating:

We strongly recommend you to activate this feature by clicking on the button Yes. Automatic updating will permit you to stay tuned to Axialis news without thinking about it. Each time you'll launch IconWorkshop, the RSS reader will update the news by connecting to the Axialis server. This will be done once in background each time you'll launch IconWorkshop.

No personal information is sent to Axialis during RSS updates. Read more about Axialis Privacy Policy.

If new topics or unread news are available, the button informs you of such an event by flashing. To learn more about the RSS News Reader, see these topics:

Deactivating the RSS news reader

At any time you can deactivating the RSS reader automatic updating:

1. Click on the down arrow located on the right of the RSS button

2. A menu opens, choose "Turn Off Automatic Updates".

3. The button is grayed indicating that the RSS reader is in sleep mode.