Compile an installable screen saver package (EXE file)

Once your project is created, you must compile your screensaver in order to be installed on the end-user computer. The file that will be created will be compatible with Windows screen savers. You can choose to create an installation package (strongly recommended).

During this compilation process, the project will first be compiled as a SCR file. Then, this file will be compressed and included in an easy-to-use installation package.


Create an installable screen saver package

To learn how to create a install package from your project, read this topic:  Compile an installable screen saver package (EXE file)

How to install a screensaver on a computer using an install package

When a screensaver is compiled as an install package, the installation is very simple for the end user.

1. Launch the install package. A dialog box opens.

2. Follow the installation wizard. Accept the license agreement if any.

3. The screensavers is installed (as default if asked by the user).

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