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Axialis IconWorkshop™ Lite

for Microsoft Visual Studio® 2008


Axialis IconWorkshop™ Lite Version

Axialis Software, in association with Microsoft Corporation, presents Axialis IconWorkshop Lite for Visual Studio 2008:

  • 100% Free for Visual Studio 2008 registered users;
  • Make icons for Windows up to 256x256 PNG-compressed icons for Windows Vista™ and include them in your software projects;
  • Use an advanced icon editor with various tools, filters and effects;
  • Work efficiently using a Plug-in for Visual Studio 2008;
  • Create icons from images or ready-to-use image objects;
  • Use a fully integrated workspace with librarian, built-in file explorer with thumbnail preview, image viewer and more...
Download the Lite version now...

File: IconWorkshop-Lite-

Language: English - Size: 22.0 MB

Visual Studio® 2008 is required*

*IMPORTANT: Axialis IconWorkshop™ Lite installs ONLY if a Professional or Standard edition of Visual Studio® 2008 is present on your computer. Express, Trial or Older versions are not accepted.

FIXED ISSUE: If you have activated a 90-day Trial version of Visual Studio 2008 using a CD key from the Control Panel setup feature, version now permits the installation.

Go further with IconWorkshop™ Professional 6.51

New version 6.51! - Read more about new features and bug fixes

Unleash the full power of IconWorkshop by upgrading to the Professional Edition. This edition contains all the features including highly-productive functions and permits to access numerous services such as downloads of professional image object packs, online support, lifetime license, and more.

Upgrade to IconWorkshop Professional...

Top-5 Reasons to Upgrade

  1. Get All The Features of the Professional Edition (see features comparison below).
  2. Get access to Professional Image Object Pack Downloads which permit creating icons like a pro.
  3. Get benefits of the Axialis Lifetime License (lifetime upgrades for free).
  4. Get access to Online Support (reserved to Axialis customers).
  5. Get special offers and rebates on Selected Products and Online Services.

Lite/Professional Edition - Features Comparison




Free Online Upgrade (Lifetime License)


Create Icons for Windows® up to Vista™

Create Icons for Macintosh® up to OS-X Leopard


Create Icons using Basic Object Packs

Create Icons using Professional Object Packs


Create all the image formats included in an icon
in "One Single Click"


Use Plug-in with Visual Studio 2008

Use Plug-in with all versions of Visual Studio (2005 and all future versions)


Create ICL Icon Libraries for easier management


Create 32-bit resource DLLs containing icons


Import Images from Photoshop® and Illustrator
using plug-in Filters


Use Adobe Photoshop® Templates


Batch Create Several PNG, PSD or BMP Images with Transparency from Icons
in One Operation


Batch Normalize Icons in One Operation


Export Icon Images to PNG, JPEG 2000, GIF and Photoshop® PSD with Transparency


Batch Create Several Windows® Icons From Images in One Operation


Batch Create Several Macintosh ® Icons From Images in One Operation


Compile Icon Libraries as Installable Packages (for redistribution)


Enhanced and Fully Integrated User Interface

Modify Icons in Programs/DLL

Manage Icons using a built-in Librarian

Built-in File Browser with Thumbnail Previews



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