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Quick Facts
  • Flat Colorful Design for web sites & applications
  • 330 icons & 73 Overlays, thousands of possibilities
  • Aligned on 24x24 grid
  • Flat Color Palette
  • AI, SVG, XAML, PDF, EPS, PS vector formats
  • PNG, BMP, JPG, ICO, ICNS bitmap formats at any sizes
  • IconGenerator compatible
  • Shaded Colorization possible
  • Lifetime Commercial License

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Axialis Flat Design Stock Icons

No time to make your own icons? Axialis stock icons provides a low-cost and ready-to-use solution for your user interface needs.

Icons were designed in vector format for perfect results at all sizes. They are aligned on a 24x24 grid for pixel perfect results at small sizes. Icons are provided in various vector and bitmap file formats.

Icon sets are compatible with Axialis IconGenerator. This free application lets you customize the icons with overlays, perform colorization and generate almost all existing file formats you need for your projects.

The following icon sets are currently available:

Quick Purchase
Basic Set

One license required for each developer using the set (see volume discount). Axialis Lifetime License.

Presentation of the Flat Design icons

This icon set was designed for use in web sites & applications. The style is flat, colorful & slightly rounded which lets you create modern & friendly user interfaces.

Icons were professionally designed as vector shapes and aligned on 24x24 Grid for pixel-perfect results at large and small sizes.

Many ready-to use icon files are included in each set, including AI (all in one), AI (individual files), SVG, XAML, PS, EPS, PNG (sizes 1x, 2x, 3x). Using IconGenerator you can create more file formats and customize your icons (read below).

Compatible with IconGenerator

Icon sets are compatible with Axialis IconGenerator. This free application lets you create all file formats, make derivations with overlays and colorize the icons. The application is very easy to use and is included in each icon set:

Axialis IconGenerator has many features, including:

  • Generation of Vector files: SVG, XAML, PS, EPS, PDF;
  • Generation of Bitmap files at any sizes: PNG, BMP, JPEG, ICO, ICNS, Image Strips;
  • Customization of icons with overlays and Colorization;
  • Management of icon collections;
  • And much more...

Many overlay images are included in the icon sets. They let you illustrate actions or states associated to an icon like ADD, REMOVE, INFO, ERROR, etc. With Axialis IconGenerator you can associate them to icons in a few clicks and place them at 4 different positions:

You can also choose to colorize the icons to match a specific interface color. This icon is colorized using shades of tints keeping the flat style.

BASIC Set - 330 icons

Basic Set

Version 1.0 - Jan 10, 2017

One license is required for each developer using the set (volume discount).

Quantity: user(s)

This set covers all your needs to illustrate common functions and objects such as find, save, print, documents, clipboard, navigation, help, windows, views and much more.

To let you cover all your needs, Axialis IconGenerator is provided in the icon set. This free application lets you generate all files formats, customize with overlays and colorize icons. If you need specific additional icons, contact us to suggest them.

The Basic icon set conatins 330 unique icons and 73 overlays. This lets you create thousands of different icons for your all your needs. Below is a preview of the base icons without derivations Click here to see the full set at scale 4:1 with icon labels (quality has been altered and red lines have been added for copy protection reasons):

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