Create a Flash® Based Screen Saver

Macromedia Flash® is a powerful product which permits to create sophisticated vector animations for the Web. SWF (ShockWave® Flash®) is the file format used by Macromedia Flash® to deliver graphics, animation and sound over the Internet. These techniques are rapidly changing the way we play, work, or just browse online.

What are vector graphics? Vector graphics, which manipulate coordinates and mathematical formulas rather than pixel-by-pixel images, produce graphics files that are one-tenth the size of bitmaps. Additionally, SWF can deliver animation, rich colors, sound, and interaction. To view a Flash animation, the user must download and install the Flash® player. This is automatically done when he visits a website using Flash®. As a result, over 95% of Internet users can now view SWF content: millions of people have downloaded the Flash® player for their browser. Flash® is a great format to create gorgeous screensavers.

Getting Started

Creating the screen saver project

Saving the project, Testing, Compiling screen saver