5 Free Halloween Screensavers

Get 5 Free Screensavers and a Creation Kit!

We are thrilled to announce a delightful surprise this Halloween season from Axialis! As a gesture of festive cheer, we are distributing 5 whimsical screensavers crafted meticulously with the Axialis Screensaver Producer. These eerie yet enchanting screensavers are here to add a sprinkle of Halloween magic to your devices. And guess what? They are absolutely free to install and even redistribute!

But, the treat doesn't end here! For the creative minds among you, we are also offering a Screensaver Creation Kit for download. With this kit, you can modify our screensavers or unleash your own spooky creativity to craft personalized screensavers using the Axialis Screensaver Producer.

This is a fantastic opportunity to add a touch of Halloween charm to your digital screens, and perhaps discover a newfound passion for screensaver creation! Don't miss out; download your free screensavers and the creation kit today.

Halloween Pumpkin 2023

In the eerie glow of the midnight moon, a colossal pumpkin sways mysteriously, surrounded by the haunting dance of shadowy figures against a backdrop of deep, bewitched purple.

Download Install (9.25 Mb)

Happy Halloween 2023

In a ghostly dance beneath the moonlit night, dozens of pumpkins burst forth in every eerie direction, while the haunting words 'Happy Halloween' float mysteriously above.

Download Install (9.05 Mb)

Bouncing Pumpkin 2023

In the chilling embrace of a moonless night, a monstrous pumpkin, carved with a sinister grin, lurks and haunts, eerily floating and bouncing over the vast abyss of inky blackness.

Download Install (7.36 Mb)

Halloween 2023

In a spectral collection of 30 haunting glimpses, Halloween unveils its eerie tales. Phantoms that glide to ancient, haunted citadels, the ever-iconic pumpkins, etc...

Download Install (14.1 Mb)

Halloween Cartoon 2023

In the shadow of the haunted moon, behold 15 eerie illustrations crafted for young souls. Venture through ghostly realms, enchanted castles, grinning pumpkins, and more...

Download Install (9.6 Mb)

Conjure Up Your Own Haunted Screensaver!

Ready to craft your own Halloween screensavers? Axialis Software brings you the Screensaver Creation Kit! Dive into the magic with all the projects and materials from our 5 free screensavers, all ready for tweaking using the Axialis Screensaver Producer

Axialis Screensvar Producer

Axialis Screensaver Producer (43.9 Mb)

Unleash your creativity, download the Screensaver Creation Kit, and begin your spooky digital adventure today!

Download the Creation Kit (28.8 Mb)