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Axialis IconWorkshop

General information about icons

What is an Icon?

Macintosh vs Windows icons

Introducing Windows Vista Icons

What is an Icon Image Object?

Creating icons

Create Windows Vista Icons

Create Windows XP Icons

Create an Icon from an Image File

Create illustration icons for websites

Create an Icon from a Cursor File

Create an Icon from a GIF File

Create an Icon From a Web Image

Create an Icon from the Clipboard

Advanced icon creation

Create Windows Vista Icons

Use Image Objects to Create Icons

Create Icons Using Photoshop Templates

Create Your Own Photoshop Templates

Working with Visual Studio

Introducing the Visual Studio plugin

Modifying an icon in a solution

Addin a new icon in a solution

Compress an Icon for Vista in a solution

Working with third-party applications

Use IconWorkshop with Adobe Photoshop

Create Icons Using Photoshop Templates

Use IconWorkshop with Adobe Illustrator

Use IconWorkshop with Corel PaintShopPro

Use IconWorshop with Macromedia Freehand

Customize Icons in Microsoft Office

Use Windows Vista Icons in Software Projects

Working with Image Strips

What is an Image Strip?

Create Icons for Toolbars using Image Strips

Working with Macintosh icons

Convert a Macintosh icon to Windows

Convert a Windows icon to Macintosh

Transfer an Icon to a Macintosh Computer

Use StuffIt to Read Macintosh Icons

Working with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad icons

Make iPhone & iPod Touch Icons

Make iPad Icons

Performing batch operations

Batch Create Icons From Images

Batch Convert Icons Between Mac and Windows

Batch Create PNG Images from Icons

Batch Merge Images

Changing the IconWorkshop interface

Change the Scale 1:1 window size

Change the Program User Interface

Change the Editor Drawing Area Aspect


Create a Web-optimized GIF image

Modify Icons Included in Program Files

Create a Snapshot of your Icons

Add a Favorite Icon to Your Web Site

Create various color versions of icons

Create images with Transparency

Compile Icon Libraries for distribution

Search Icons on your Computer

Compile Icon Libraries with Activation Codes

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Axialis CursorWorkshop

General Information

What is a Cursor?

What is an Image Object?

Creating Static Cursors

Create a Static Cursor from an Image

Create a Static Cursor from a GIF Image

Create a Static Cursor from a Web Image

Creating Animated Cursors

Create an Animated Cursor from a Static Image

Create an Animated Cursor from Several Images

Create an Animated Cursor from a Filmstrip

Create an Animated Cursor from an Animated GIF

Create an Animated Cursor from a FLI/FLC Animation

Create a rotating animated cursor from a static image

Advanced Cursor Creation

What is an Image Object?

Create attractive cursors using image objects

Working with third-party applications

Use CursorWorkshop with Adobe Photoshop

Use CursorWorkshop with Adobe Illustrator

Performing Batch Operations

Batch create several cursors from images

Batch create images with transparency from cursors


Use cursors to customize Web sites

Modify or extract cursors included in program files

Add Transparency to an Opaque Image

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Axialis Screensaver Producer

General Information

What is a Screensaver?

Screensaver Creation

Quickly Create a Sprite Screensaver

Quickly Create a Slideshow Screensaver

Quickly Create a Video Screensaver

Create a Company Logo Screensaver

Create a Shareware Screensaver

Screensaver Customization

Customize a Screensaver Illustration

Customize a Screensaver Icon

Create an Icon for a Screensaver

Add a RSS Reader in a Screensaver


Install a SCR Screensaver on a Computer

Quietly Install a Screensaver

Work Efficiently with Adobe Photoshop

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Other Tutorials

Create Transparent Images with Adobe Photoshop

Create Transparent Images with Corel PaintShopPro

Create an Aqua Sphere with Adobe Photoshop