Use IconWorshop with Corel Paint Shop Pro

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If you use Corel Paint Shop Pro to create or retouching your images, here is how to work with Axialis IconWorkshop to create icons.

Transferring an Image from Paint Shop Pro to Create an Icon

1. Axialis IconWorkshop supports the PNG image format with Transparency. In Paint Shop Pro, save your image to a PNG file.

2. In IconWorkshop, choose "File/Open", browse your folders and select your file (Windows standard dialog box).

- or -

Choose "File/New/File Explorer" or press Ctrl+E. A built-in Axialis file explorer window opens. Browse your disks, see the thumbnail preview and double-click the image file you wish to open.

- or -

In the Recently Used zone (in the main toolbar), type the full pathname of the image file you wish to open then hit Enter.

3. The image file opens in a document window. Its contents appears automatically in the main area. If the image contains transparency, it has been kept (see the chessboard texture). Now you can create an icon from this image (see Step 2 of topic Create an Icon from an Image File).

Axialis IconWorkshop

Create Icons using a Professional Authoring Tool

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5-Star Award

  • Axialis IconWorkshop is a professional icon authoring tool for creating icons on multiple platforms and devices.
  • The tool supports creating icons for Windows, macOS, Unix/Linux, Android, iPhone.
  • The interface is designed to increase productivity, with easy accessibility to all tools and a powerful built-in librarian and file explorer.
  • Batch processing features are included for creating multiple icons at once.
  • The tool includes features such as icon creation from images and image objects to help create professional-looking icons quickly.
  • The tool is compatible with industry standards and includes plugins for Adobe products and Microsoft Visual Studio.

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Transferring an Icon Image from IconWorkshop to Paint Shop Pro

1. Open an icon in IconWorkshop. Select the desired image format by clicking on it. It appears in the editor window.

2. Choose Draw/Save Image as Bitmap. A dialog box opens. Choose to Preserve Transparency Information (this will permit you to keep transparent areas in your image file). When done, click OK.

3. A standard Save Image As dialog box opens. In the Save as Type list, select "Portable Network Graphic (PNG)". Choose a destination folder and type a new filename. When done, click OK. The file has been created.

4. In Paint Shop Pro, open the newly created file. It opens, containing the image with transparency. Now you can retouch it or use it as necessary.