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Searching for files on your computer

Grab the Icons, add them into a library

Many files containing icons are present on your computer's hard disks. Axialis IconWorkshop™ includes a search feature to help you locate and grab these icons.

Searching for files on your computer

1. Choose Edit/Search/On the Computer or press Ctrl+G.

2. A search option dialog box opens. In the "Named" zone (), specify a filename search criterion. If the filename contains a portion of the specified text, the file is selected. You can also use the standard DOS characters '*,?'. Example : Image*.*

3. In the "Look In" zone (), specify the folder from which you wish to start the search. If you want to perform a deep search (including subfolders), select the Include Subfolders option.

If you specify folder "C:\" with subfolders, the whole disk will be scanned. This can be a very long process!

4. In the "Type" list (), specify the type of file you wish to find ("All Icon Files").

5. You can also specify Date and Size options ( and ).

6. When done, click OK. The search begins... When finished, a Search Results window opens, containing the found items ():

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Grab the Icons, add them into a library

1. Create a new Icon Library in the Librarian (or select an existing one). Select the items you wish to add to the library ().

2. Choose File/Add to the Librarian or press F3 (). The files are added.


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