What's New in Version 6.31?

Version 6.31

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Version 6.10

Version 6.0

Version 5.10

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Version 5.01

Version 5.0

This is a major release. Before version 5.0, the program name was Axialis AX-Icons. More than 50 new features and enhancements have been added to this version.

Enhanced Editor

The Icon Editor has been greatly enhanced. It supports 32 bits XP icons with alpha channel, smooth drawing, many image adjustments (brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, flip, scale, rotation at any angle, drop shadow, filters), import/export (Photoshop« PSD with layers, transparent BMP and PNG), Smart new image format creation, new color management (RGB/HSL models, compatible with Adobe« and Jasc« palette files).

Support for Windows« XP icons

Now Axialis IconWorkshop™ supports the new Windows« XP 32 bits image format with alpha channel (a.k.a. smooth transparency).

Support for Macintosh« icons

Now you can read Apple Macintosh« icons. All formats up to OS X 128x128 alpha channel icons are supported! You can easily convert/import them to Windows« in seconds.

Professional Integrated Environment

The whole environment has been redesigned. Now it includes a built-in explorer with thumbnail preview which permits you to browse/search and display/import icon files from your disk drives. An Internet multi-source search engine lets you find icons and images on the Web. A built-in image viewer permits to open various image formats (Photoshop« PSD with layers, 32 Bpp transparent BMP, transparent PNG, GIF, WMF, JPEG and more) and create a new multi-formats icon based on a portion of this image in just one click!

New User Interface

This new version has a brand new user interface: New look and feel, New customization features, Windows« XP compatible.

A New Compiler

Using this compiler, you'll be able to create redistributable packages of your icon libraries. It generates a compressed user-friendly install procedure. The final package is 3 times smaller than the original ICL file. At least, with the Professional Edition, you can force the end-user to enter a Serial Code to unlock the installation. A serial code generator is provided.